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WordPress Google reCAPTCHA v2 snippet

Tough on bots Easy on humans

This is update of previous script of WordPress Google reCAPTCHA, to supports reCAPTCHA v2

The logic behind the plugin snippet is exactly the same as in the previous version, you shoud modify the code before use.

Please note that both modules can’t work in same WP installation.

 * Configuration
define('e01_WP_reCAPTCHA_site_key', '');

define('e01_WP_reCAPTCHA_secret_key', '');

define('e01_WP_reCAPTCHA_theme', 'light'); // 'dark' or 'light'

define('e01_WP_reCAPTCHA_type', 'image'); // 'image' or 'audio'

define('e01_WP_reCAPTCHA_message', '<strong>Error:</strong> Validating you are human.');

Register yout keys at

and install as normal WP plugin.

Download source: e01-wp-recaptcha2.php

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