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(UPDATED) How to transfer passwords from Google’s Chrome to Mozilla Firefox and(or) Safari

If you are in case wants to use passwords stored in Chrome in Safari, and dint’t figure out how to do it, then this is for you. As there is no native way to achieve this goal, I will show a working example how to do it with few step.

In my case I need to transfer from Chrome to Safari but with an hour research I didn’t find proper way and still need to use Firefox as mediator, because Chrome can’t import passwords from Chrome but only from Firefox. The only problem was that Firefox can’t import passwords from Chrome, or at least it doesn’t work on my setup. But with a little research I found a way.


1. Open Chrome browser and go chrome://flags/#password-import-export

(this will enable ability to export current stored passwords)

2. Go to chrome://settings/passwords (wait a little if you have a lot of passwords) -> Saved Passwords -> [ Export ] and save file somewhere

2. Open terminal and do the next command

cat <path_to_exported_csv_file> | awk -F ',' '{print $2","$3","$4}' > passwords-prepared.csv

3. Open passwords-prepared.csv file, and change first line



# Generated by Password Exporter; Export format 1.0.4; Encrypted: false

These steps, prepare Chrome’s exported passwords in format suitable by firefox importer.

4. Because Firefox removed the tool that could import passwords we need to install such, so open Firefox browser and install

5. Go to Preferences -> Security -> Import/Export Passwords and import file passwords-prepared.

We are almost there, now we have passwords from Google’s Chrome to Mozilla Firefox, we need only to import them to Safari so…

6. Open Safari browser, and go to File -> Import From and select Passwords

That’s it


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  1. Thanks for this great how-to it really helped! Just a note. It seems like Safari 10 is no longer offering to import passwords directly from Chrome. Workaround is to follow your guide importing into Firefox and then in Safari import Passwords from Firefox

  2. Amazing guide, thank you also @Alex Argomaniz for posting that workaround, I totally managed to enter all my data! You saved my battery 😉

  3. Step 4 no longer works with Firefox Quantum. I tried using their built in to import passwords from Chrome but that didn’t work either